“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your assistance during my divorce. You not only were professional but sensitive to my individual needs during such an overwhelming time in my life. I thought the task to be unmanageable but you were able to counsel me at every step and made the process less painful. It was a comfort to have a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced professional working with me during this very emotional period. I feel very fortunate to have benefited from your expertise in the process. Your honesty and dependability were evident and a definite advantage to the outcome. I wish you well with your new business and know many more will benefit from your compassion and excellent qualifications. I will always be grateful for you. You helped me navigate my way through this difficult time and as result became a significant factor in my life. Best wishes to you and your family.”


“My experience with Jennifer Stevens was a Godsend. During one of the most difficult times in my life she was there for me and my family. I don’t even want to think on what would’ve happened if she was not a part of our legal counsel during that time. Jennifer will always be considered a close friend of the family and not just an attorney.”


“We worked with Jennifer on a complicated post divorce case revolving around custody, support, harassment and mental illness. It required a lot of hands on work with many details and sensitive issues. It took a special type of attorney to possess the skill set of: compassion coupled with a hard drive to succeed, detail to an immense amount of documentation, the attention to detail when the facts were hidden, and most importantly a creative mind to solve issues that others said could not be resolved.  Jennifer took the time with passion to successfully answer all of the numerous obscure filings while maintain a keen sense of honesty/integrity and what was in the best interest of the children. I come from a long lineage of attorneys and I can honestly say that few practice with such a diverse skill set that will put the client at ease in the absolute worst of filings. I would never choose any other attorney to represent me in family law.”



“Jennifer Stevens saved my life.  Because of her I am not only alive, I have full custody of both of my wonderful children.  Thanks to her guidance I was able to endure the worst year of my life and survived a very messy divorce -emerging on the other side a much better person and father.  She is a kind and genuinely caring person-qualities very hard to find in a lawyer.  I would recommend her to anyone.”